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What is GreenSuite?

GreenSuite is a patented and fully integrated Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) solution that is 100% web enabled and data centric. GreenSuite applications can be customized and personalized via the Internet to meet your specific business needs.

Why do you refer to GreenSuite as powered by SOA4?

GreenSuite has the largest patented Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) database. In order to implement a solution that was fully web-enabled and could change dynamically to meet changes in regulatory requirements, an Internet technology was utilized to build the actual GreenSuite EH&S information management solution. GreenSuite uses this technology as an engine to create customized web applications for clients at Internet speed.

What is SOA4?

SOA4 is an innovative technology that creates applications in Internet time. The technology is driven by metadata (data about data) and Java, and allows users to write, maintain, and build applications without generating any executable code. The SOA4 technology allows users to design, create, and deliver custom EH&S applications via the Internet.

Why is GreenSuite referred to as Web-Centric?

GreenSuite creates, configures, and deploys custom EH&S applications that can be accessed from any Internet connection. GreenSuite hosts, maintains, manages, and supports all of your environmental application needs via the Internet.

What is the GreenSuite Return on Investment?

From a cost perspective, using GreenSuite's rental model saves companies the initial up-front cost of purchasing and paying a maintenance cost fee for an Environmental Health and Safety application. Further savings are realized in the area of customization. Almost all EH&S clients need to change applications to meet specific business needs or to meet the demands of regulatory change. With GreenSuite you save an estimated 60 to 80% in both time to produce and cost.

What are the GreenSuite Business Areas and what do they do?

The GreenSuite solution consists of seven Integrated Business Areas that address all aspects of EH&S regulatory requirements and information management.
Product Stewardship
Supports material chemical and physical properties, product handling information, hazards, and EH&S assessments. It also performs all aspects of material life cycle management.
Incident Tracking and Prevention
Captures all occurrences of environmental releases, injuries, and illnesses. It also provides a repository for emergency response information such as personnel, procedures, and checklists.
Personnel Health & Safety
Allows for scheduling, monitoring, and tracking of industrial hygiene, safety, and occupational medicine requirements. This Business Area is also the main repository for employee information.
Hazardous Materials and Waste
Tracks a material's arrival, maximum quantity stored, distribution, use, movement, and disposal at a facility. This Business Area also generates profiles, manifests, and reports, as well as simulations
Environmental Releases
Captures the data necessary to create agency reports for releases to air, water, and land. This Business Area generates requirements, risk management plans, inventory summaries, and permits.
Regulatory Requirements
Manages EH&S compliance issues. This Business Area identifies all internal and external requirements that must be met in order to operate, and also fully supports ISO 14000.
Facilities Management
Maintains enterprise and site specific reference data. This Business Area captures geographic information, structures, specifications, operation information, schedules, and checklists.

What are some of the GreenSuite features and benefits?

Flexible architecture allows the system to deliver a facility or global Internet solution.
Customization is easy and no longer do users have to change their business processes to match the application.
On-line Reporting and Distribution
Allows first responders, the community, government regulators, and other external users to access real-time data.
Ability to notify users via email or fax.
Power Security
Java code is signed using a verified Certificate Authority (Verisign) Class 3 signing certificate that confirms that the application is guaranteed to originate from GreenSuite and can be 'trusted'.
There is no software to modify, recompile, test, debug, distribute or maintain.
Legacy Migration
Lets users leverage existing information assets by importing and exporting from/to legacy systems (e.g., ERP, FM).
Allows users to easily integrate legacy data and information (e.g., SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, etc).
Users can access GreenSuite via the Internet and corporate Intranet and/or Extranet. Applications are developed from the ground up as Web-centric applications.
Internet Connections
Lets users dynamically access and use on-line data sources.

How do you implement GreenSuite?

GreenSuite is implemented by using a successfully proven 3-step methodology. GreenSuite users can participate in the solution development to a degree that makes the most sense for their business needs, including participation as solution designers. The Three-Phase Methodology consists of:

Phase 1: Analysis
Consultants work with you to analyze your business case, requirements and processes. The deliverables of this phase include a solution proposal and project plan, which together provide the implementation and deployment roadmap to your EH&S solution.

Phase 2: Implementation
Consultants use the Solution Proposal and Project Plan from Phase 1 to design, configure and integrate your solution. Integration of your new application with existing front-office applications and legacy systems round out this phase, delivering a complete, ready-to-deploy solution.

Phase 3: Rollout
Consultants work with you to deliver your custom EH&S solution via the Internet. End user and train-the-trainer (T3) training programs are provided, along with a service level agreement (SLA) and technical support to ensure a successful rollout of your solution.

Experienced consultants train your trainers and end users, and can help schedule, organize, and enroll users in the training program. As a compliment to the user-training phase, GreenSuite offers a complete support package that can be tailored to meet any anticipated needs. As an ongoing benefit, business analysts can provide a yearly financial review that monitors and tracks solution success.

If GreenSuite runs over the Internet what security is in place?

Either customers can choose to host the GreenSuite solution on their own server or to have the application based in a co-location environment. In either case, the application is securely located behind a firewall that limits access to both GreenSuite and the client's database. Beyond the firewall, all data is encrypted. In addition, Java-based applications require a signed Java applet. The signed Java applet is not downloaded until you approve a security certificate that identifies the sender. Signed JavaScript is not executed without your approval, and you are asked for approval if the JavaScript or Java applet appears to compromise security.

How do you define security rules in your application?

Security rules within the technology are defined and established with a variety of considerations. Based upon your organizational requirements, application and database-level privileges are established by individual user and user group identities. This controls what menu items, what application items, and what data application users can access. User profile information is maintained, which include email, fax, pager, printer, worklist and other default information.

How secure is your system compared to other applications?

Web-enabled, Java-based applications employ a wide range of security features. GreenSuite understands the importance of maintaining application and database protection, and uses industry accepted measures to ensure the security of your data.

On which platforms does GreenSuite run?

GreenSuite is a powerful, thin-client, web-based application that can be deployed on any server that supports Oracle. GreenSuite will function on any browser that has been Java enabled. The two most common browsers, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, are quickly and easily configured to support Java-based applications such as GreenSuite.

Do you have a flat file interface?

Yes, GreenSuite can interface with flat files or multi-dimensional files. Regardless of the design of the imported data, GreenSuite can be configured to accept it.

Can your application interface with MS tools such as Excel?

Yes, the GreenSuite application can import any ASCII formatted file.

Can you pass data from other ERP solutions into the GreenSuite solution?

The important point to keep in mind is that GreenSuite's database can communicate and receive data from any Oracle-based database. If your database is not Oracle-based, then GreenSuite can use various translation devices to gain access to the data. In short, GreenSuite can be configured to communicate with virtually any database.

How much capacity do you need on your network and the client work station to run your application?

Concerning the server hardware, GreenSuite requires a CPU of 1.0GHz-clock speed or higher, 8GB of RAM, and 5GB of free hard disk space. Additional requirements will apply if the same server is to host the Web Server, and Database Server environments in addition to GreenSuite. Concerning the workstation hardware, GreenSuite requires at least 5MB of hard disk space, a CPU of at least 500MHz-clock speed, and 256MB of RAM.

How does GreenSuite stack up against the competition?

GreenSuite is an integrated, web-based, total solution that addresses all aspects (cradle to grave) of EH&S across an enterprise. The founders of GreenSuite believe that the environmental business has room for as much competition as possible and commends all progressive work tthat leads to advancing innovative solutions for the complex problems impacting Global Sustainability.

What kind of installation, training, and on-going support do you provide for your product?

GreenSuite's partners provide customers with a full constellation of technical and training support, including initial installation and upgrading of the application, hands-on training and instructional manuals, and a Help Desk, including 24X7 phone and email support to online issue tracking. Whether you need to add new functionality, reconfigure an existing design, or help with a lost password, GreenSuite's support staff is ready to assist you.

What are GreenSuite patents about?

GreenSuite is a patented system. The patents are pioneering in the sense that they are the first to address the integration of environmental, health and safety information management. At the core of the GreenSuite solution is a unique set of integrated data structures that make it possible to track hazardous materials, their constituents, and the associated regulations and other pertinent information to specific locations across the enterprise. This unique approach makes it possible to integrate real-time data on everything from personnel exposure, to emergency response in the event of a disaster, and from training tracking to cost reduction.

Why choose GreenSuite as your Environmental Management Information Solution?

The GreenSuite solution is part of an extensive history of pioneering in the EH&S industry. GreenSuite has been the first patented, integrated EH&S information management system. GreenSuite can adapt, develop and deploy customized EH&S applications fast and cost effectively. Through the GreenSuite rental model you can get your EH&S solution up an running quickly. SOA4 technology makes it possible for us to host your EH&S application and give you the freedom to make changes as you need them.