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Tony Sziklai A Letter From Anthony T. Sziklai
GreenSuite Advisory Board,
Environmental Chair

Never in the history of our planet has environmental stewardship been more important. We are the guardians of facilities that must monitor and report on hazardous materials, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and waste. Health and safety, emergency preparedness, and incident tracking have never been more critical.

More and more, we are seeing major global initiatives focussed on Pollution Prevention, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Security, Risk Management, and the issue of Global Climate Change, a subject that is constantly in the news.

What defines Global Climate Change?

It's a phrase on the lips of everyone: There are numerous initiatives, be they grassroots political, or government, all referring to this issue, but what does this really mean? The US Environmental Protection Agency states that "Global climate change could result in sea level rises, changes to patterns of precipitation, increased variability in the weather, and a variety of other consequences. These changes threaten our health, agriculture, water resources, forests, wildlife, and coastal areas." The debate includes 1) how significant a climate change must occur before dire and devastating consequences occur, and 2) at what rate are we potentially approaching these dire results.

Regarding Global Climate Change, the US Department of Energy defines this as "...the gradual warming of the earth caused by the greenhouse effect." The paper further states, "Many scientists believe this is the result of man-made emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and methane. There is now considerable agreement among the scientific community that Global Warming is here and must be addressed. How is the global community reacting to this issue? Most industrialized countries are developing emissions management and reduction programs. Countries such as China and India, are facing the consequences of expanded growth with limited regulations that curb the emissions of GHG.

As far as a consensus regarding Global Climate Change, while agreement has risen, there continues to be some opposition. The basic focus of our strategic partners in Sustainable Development and Global Climate Change is to bring forth innovative technologies that can be applied where needed.

GreenSuite is well-suited to support these critical global initiatives.

Anthony T. Sziklai
GreenSuite Advisory Board,
Environmental Chair

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