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What is SOA4? The Sustainability Oriented Architecture (SOA4) is an Internet application generation platform that enables fully integrated business solutions to be delivered easily and cost-effectively. This technology is “For” any Sustainability requirement. The tool was initially developed to meet the changing requirements mandated by compliance regulations and has in its configuration library, many solutions that address Sustainability issues.

The innovative SOA4 technology enables the creation of, customization of, and personalization of complex e-business and back-office applications.

SOA4 creates applications by eliminating a very large part of the repetitive user interface programming and test and re-work efforts that traditional development efforts entail. Because business conditions are constantly changing, SOA4 enables quick response to these changes without having to resort to extensive and expensive programming time.

For IT managers, business analysts, MIS directors, and knowledge workers, innovative technologies have historically provided important changes to the way they conduct business. By offering Internet-enabled, metadata-based customizable applications, the innovative SOA4 technology enables companies to eliminate 60 to 80 percent of the traditional IT costs generated by programming requirements.

SOA4 works quickly and provides a cost-effective application integration program. It allows for rapid implementation, modification and customization via the Internet.

A key issue for business today is the need to customize applications - whether new ones or existing ones. Many programs offer a cookie-cutter approach to application integration; businesses that want to customize these programs require extensive and expensive programming time.

SOA4, on the other hand, is codeless, so businesses can easily and cost-effectively use the platform to create, customize, and personalize complex e-business and back-office applications. Because business conditions are constantly changing, SOA4 enables users to respond to these changes without having to resort to expensive programming time.

SOA4's special design tools allow users to customize and personalize their applications directly using data. From simple changes - adding a new field to a data entry form - to more complex changes - adding a new business rule - SOA4 provides a way to translate business requirements into custom applications.

SOA4 is Internet based. Companies can use their applications from any Internet connection, whether out in the field or at their workstations. Individuals can create, customize, and personalize applications online, in real time. SOA4 leverages the power of the Internet to let businesses make the changes they need without waiting for programmers to interpret software codes.

The SOA4 technology offering, within the Internet field, is strong in three senses. The first lies in its ability to empower business change management by making application technology the domain of knowledge workers and business analysts - not just programmers. SOA4 gives power to the people who need to manage information, and by extension, it offers a powerful competitive advantage to all management levels in any business.

The second lies in its ability to extend the concept of codeless metadata to what has previously been the territory of programmers doing application development. The technology, which is patent pending, employs three layers:

  1. An interface layer that allows users to access applications online;
  2. An interpreter layer that transforms data into application functionality; and
  3. A metadata layer that stores the functional content of the applications.

The uniqueness of the program lies in the metadata layer, which makes a seamless connection or mapping between data and application configuration without the user ever being aware of what is happening in the background.

The third powerful aspect of SOA4 technology lies within its ability to message applications via the Internet instantly, and to anyone. This aspect of the technology empowers knowledge workers and business analysts to connect to disparate databases and integrate entire applications on the fly, thus providing an ad hoc, nonstructured workflow capability. In other words, SOA4 puts the "real-time" into application deployment.

Because SOA4 is built on Java, it can be deployed by any business, large or small, with a minimum of training time. SOA4 has been deployed at a major utility at 30 locations. This project and its implementation plan stands as the technologies flagship and can be reviewed in detail by anyone interested.

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